Career Highlights:

Bands I've Played In: 

*Independantly, *Texas Knights, *Lonesome HighWAY

Opened Acts For:

Chris Ledoux, David Allen Coe, Gary Stewart, Joe Diffie, Cody Jinks, Bellamy Brothers, Gene Watson, Darrel Singletary, Sons of the Dessert, John Conlee, Ricochet, Kentucky Head Hunters, The Great Divide, Wayne Mills, and a few others


I have written all my own songs, and have cowritten songs with other artists locally and as far as Australia


I've played all over Texas and Tennesee. I've also played in Oklahoma, Alabama, Louisiana, Missouri, Kentucky, Georgia, and Florida

Interviews: I've had multiple interviews over the years from radio stations, including Waco 100 and 106.9 The Ranch in Corsicana.


*2 of my songs were on "CMT Next Superstar" This is the life and nowhere usa






Bio & Career Highlights

Lonny Clyde

Singer. SongWriter. Texan.


Born a trucker’s son, and raised in the little town of Flat, Texas, down around Waco, Lonny Clyde is a true product of the state of Texas. Always the rebel growing up, his style of music was no exception. Lonny spent most of his time listening to heavy metal and classic rock, until one day he mistakenly grabbed his dad’s Merle Haggard cassette. “He never did get that cassette tape back,” laughs Lonny, “I had no idea I could sing up until that point, and after, when I stepped on stage for the first time, I was hooked.” A born performer, Lonny got his start in Texas, opening shows for country music legends such as Chris Ledoux, Gene Watson, Gary Stewart, and Joe Diffie. “I’ve been lucky enough to have started my career playing with some of the greats” says Lonny. And then, Lonny made the trek to Nashville, beginning by playing cover songs in the honky-tonks on Broadway. “Living the dream” laughs Lonny. “I realized,” he says, a little more solemnly, “that my heart just wasn't into only singing someone else's songs. I had a voice and I had my own songs inside me." Lonny decided he never wanted to compromise his Texas roots style of writing and singing, and was roused to write with his own flair, drawing from his early influences of classic rock bands and Merle Haggard to achieve his own unique sound. Sticking to his guns paid off, as his songs “Nowhere USA”, and “Changing Lanes” were featured in the CMT series, "Next Big Superstar". These days you can find Lonny singing under the bright, neon lights of Nashville, or rendering a tune underneath the oak trees in Luckenbach, Tx. or just maybe you’ll see him somewhere in between, playing and fighting to keep real country music alive. "I've bagged groceries, built fences, sold cars, ran a boot store, hauled hay, been a bartender, all so I didn't have to get a "real job". I sing songs, I write songs, I am Lonny Clyde."

*Upcoming Second Album "Broken Hearts & Broken Strings"

Written Interviews:

Lonny Ayres - Changing Lanes -